Hello, and welcome to Phillies On Deck.com. This is a small project I started to talk about baseball, mostly prospects at the AAA and AA levels in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. My family and I attend a lot of games in both Reading and Lehigh Valley so we see our fair share of youngsters. Since it has always a favorite topic of mine to talk about, I figured why not put my thoughts on the internet for all to see? And here they are.

From time to time I’ll collect my thoughts on a particular player or attend a game and give you a glimpse of what I saw. Regardless, those will be found in the “Eye Test” section of this blog. Looking at numbers and stats are fine for some, but I prefer to see what the guys look like in person, put them to my own “Eye Test”. In between, I’ll throw up some general news or opinion pieces if something big goes on in the organization. And being an accredited media member with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, you may even get some interviews from time to time. All of those will be found in the “News and Notes” section.

So, please enjoy the blog as I try my best to give you a glimpse of the upper levels of the Phillies organization. And tell a friend!

Thanks. Chris LaBarge