Interview: Zach Eflin

Pitcher Zach Eflin

One of the coolest things I discovered about having this blog is that the Iron Pigs grant me media access. Seriously! They just let an electrician/baseball fan walk in and sit down with their players. Well, its not that simple, but in generic terms that what I did. Of course, I sent a list of interview candidates in to the… Read more »

The Eye Test – John Richy 5/20/16

Pitcher John Richy

OK, as we move through the season, there are names everyone wants to hear about. How did Alfaro look? Is Crawford ready? What’s up with Appel? The top 10 or so guys on the prospect lists are mentioned all of the time. But some of my favorite trips to the ballparks of Eastern PA are to watch guys a little… Read more »

The Eye Test – Roman Quinn

Ourfield prospect Roman Quinn

I’m going to continue on here with another look at one of the Phillies’ top prospects opening the year in Reading, Roman Quinn. The first, and most important, tool you notice with Quinn is speed. It is elite and flashes throughout his game. After missing most of 2015, Quinn is back healthy and I got a chance to see him… Read more »

The Eye Test – Jorge Alfaro Official

Catcher Jorge Alfaro

I wrote about Jorge Alfaro back in April but that was only after a few brief glimpses of him. Now that I’ve seen him behind the dish and at the plate in two full games, I want to talk about it. So, here’s my official update on what I see: At the plate, I’m pleasantly surprised. From everything I had… Read more »

The Eye Test – Dylan Cozens

Outfielder Dylan Cozens

I think we’re try a little something new here at Phillies On Deck. In the past, I’d attend a game and write up every prospect I saw that night. Sometimes it was a few sentences, other times a few paragraphs. But I found that I was writing something about the same guys over and over again. I was running out… Read more »